About 10:00pm on Thursday 2 July, 2020 Police attached to the Lake Macquarie Proactive Crime Unit (West) were patrolling in the vicinity of Wyee Road, Morisset.

Police saw a green Subaru Forrester driving at high speeds from Morisset along Wyee Road towards Wyee. Police have turned around and followed the vehicle.

Police were unable to catch up to the vehicle for sometime until it was held up by traffic at the roundabout at Wyee Road and Ruttleys Road. Police were able at this point to get the details of the vehicle and checks revealed that it has had cancelled registration since 27 January 2019.

Police activated their vehicle warning devices and attempted to pull the vehicle over. The vehicle at this point has accelerated harshly and began to pull away from Police. A Police Pursuit was initiated and continued for a short distance along Wyee Road, reaching speeds allegedly 110km/h in 60km/h zone.

The vehicle has then turned into Webber Street and continued to accelerate harshly and at high speeds. Webber Street is a dead-end street and the vehicle has stopped.

Police approached the offending vehicle where a 23 year old male was seen in the drivers seat. Police gained entry to the vehicle and turned off the ignition and the male was removed from the vehicle and handcuffed.

The male was arrested and searched. When asked about his actions he allegedly replied over and over, “I’m just stupid”.

The male was asked about his licence which he was unable to supply and it was confirmed that the status of his licence was suspended. The male agreed that the vehicle was unregistered and further informed Police that he had drunk a number of beers earlier in the evening.

The male was given a roadside breath test which returned a positive result. The male was taken by Police to Toronto Police Station and a Breath Analysis return a result of 0.070 – the mid range.

The male was charged with a number of charges relating to his driving and will appear at Toronto Local Court later in the month.