It’s no secret that car related crime is high around the Hunter and police are under funded to deal with all offenders and those who do get caught receive a very light penalty for their crimes.

Everyday in the community notice boards around the Hunter you will read between 5 to 10 reports of car related crimes from cars being stolen to cars being damaged or broken into. A new trend we are seeing a car side mirror being stolen.

What can you do to protect your vehicle from thieves?

  • Insure your vehicle for fire and theft
  • Park your car off the street and near your house.
  • A guard dog in your yard is enough to deter most thieves
  • Always lock your car
  • Install a car alarm
  • Detection dash cams that activate when someone enters your car or the car number or shaken
  • Buy a club lock for your steering wheel
  • Install a kill switch for your vehicle
  • Install CCTV Cameras to watch your driveway.

Thieves usually go for easy targets as they need to be in and out quickly anything you can install that will slow a thief down will make them think twice before touching your car.