Police have revealed that a teenager from Wangi caught with 75 MDMA pills at the Good Life/Lost City Music Festival was strip search along with 12 other teenagers including a 14-year-old teenage girl.

Whilst it does seem to be within the law do so, it’s seems a bit socially unacceptable to strip search teenagers.

Police have said 11 of the 12 searches they found drugs, alcohol and weapons on these teenagers so it did have a positive impact in making the festival safer for those attending the event.

The police are doomed if they do and doomed if they don’t I could only imagine the backlash they would have received if someone died as result of the drugs and or weapons these people attempted to bring in.

But it’s that 1 in 12 who has been subject to a strip search unnecessarily and the mental impact it could have on an innocent teenager.

NSW Police also noted that if a person retrieves an item concealed internally and provides that item to police, that event is classified as a strip search.

So this weeks poll should police be strip searching teenagers?

Should NSW Police be allowed to strip search teenagers?

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