Hunter Valley Toursim To Receive 100k For Destination Marketing

Cessnock City Council has earmarked $100k of the $1 Million of the bushfire disaster recovery package to promote their new “Open For Business” campaign to attract visitors back to the Hunter Valley.

I am looking forward to seeing how they use this money as there have been many ineffective campaigns before it such as the $2 million dollar “Heres To The Good Life” campaign which reached 29 Million People and the Hunter Valley had an increase of 11% in bookings for that period compared to the year before.

Whilst an 11% per cent increase is great for the Hunter Valley I would expect far better results if I spent $2 million dollars on an advertising campaign.

They wasted so much of the budget on tv ads and cinema ads which in my opinion these mediums are as good as dead in the modern age, I’m not convinced a single person walked out of the cinema and was like “here’s to good life” let’s go to the Hunter Valley.

If an increase is bookings is how your rating how successful the campaign was a far better approach would have been to advertise accommodation providers on booking websites where people are looking at travelling and ready to book.

So this time around with a budget of $100k a different approach is desperately needed for this campaign if it’s going to have any real affects on bringing people back to the Hunter Valley.

Another issue is timing and now is not the time waste money on marketing with the fears of a global Coronavirus pandemic no one is travelling and everyone is being very cautious of their travel plans.

Only time will tell how this money is spent and how much affect it will actually have.