Little L and Crumbs Rd Fire Will Merge Into Mega Fire.

Two fires burning in the lower hunter east and west of Wollombi are going to merge into an unstoppble mega fire consuming everything in its path, so far fire crews have been doing amazing job at protecting the communites in the lower Hunter Valley.

Unfourntly conditions are expected to worsen in the coming weeks and without help from mother nature these fires continue to burn out of control in an eastly direction.

Just how far this fire will travel no one really knows. The 2 fires have already burnt 24,000ha in the last week.

Towns in the direct path of these fires are, Pyanes Crossing, Wollombi, Laguna.

In next fews week the fires could reach Sweetmans Creek,Millfield, Ellalong, and even Mount View as the fires continue to burn in a East direction under worst case scenario situations.

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