69 Bushfires continue to burn across NSW

Key points

  • 1 fire in the hunter remains not contained, 69 fires continue to burn across NSW
  • Emergency services kept busy with wet weather related incidents.
  • Hot weather set to return on Tuesday

With all the rain falling across the state 69 bushfires continue to burn with 19 of them still out of control, 1 fire still not contained in the Hunter.

Unfortunately, not all fire grounds have been lucky enough to receive enough rain to extinguish the fires or slow them down.

The good news is 69 is a better number than 120 that we’re burning before the rain event started on Friday.

Whilst the rain has been welcomed change it has brought with it a new set challenges for our emergency workers, who have been attending motor vehicle crashes and clearing debris from mini landslides and closing flooding roads.

Warmer weather is set to return on Tuesday with the temperature back in the low to high thirties for next 7 days starting from Tuesday. It’s looking better but NSW is not out of the woods just yet.

All fires in the Hunter are listed under control except Kerry’s Ridge is still being controlled, we are awaiting an update from the RFS on the status of this fire.