Out and About Photography slammed for asking for donations

Major Update

the post was removed in order for the NSWRFS to discuss it with the person involved. it may actually be a misunderstanding, the person was maybe using the wrong words on his posts which gave the impression he was working for the NSWRFS

A Hunter Valley photographer who goes under the name of out and about photography has been slammed online for asking the public to donate to him to buy new cameras to photograph first responders attending bushfires.

He claims he is an official NSWRFS photographer which is just not true and this man is no way affiliated with NSWRFS, he is just a freelance photographer in the Hunter Valley.

He claims he has been out and about photographing bushfires for the media for free and not charging media outlets to use his photos.

NSW Incident alerts has just issued a warning not to donate to this man

Public Service Announcement.
We have had a few questions in relation to this and we have seen a few posts getting around on Facebook by a photographer who is claiming that he is a media/photographer volunteer with the NSW Rural Fire Service, this person/page/company is trying to have members of the public donate money directly to him.

Enquires were made with the NSW Rural Fire Service and it was determined that this person is not a member of the NSW Rural Fire Service but is a freelance photographer based in the Hunter Valley.

If you see any donation pages or anything under company name of “Out and About Photography” then please report these pages straight away.

Sounds like a personal problem and bad business decision not to charge media outlets who can afford to pay for images.