NYE Fireworks approved ahead of extreme fire conditions – Wollombi Tavern

The annual NYE party at the Wollombi Tavern will continue go ahead to spite extream fire conditions forecast for NYE and recent fires in the area.

Usually, the event organizers pass around buckets for donations to offset the cost of the fireworks display but this year all donations will go to the RFS.

Fireworks after major fire events always sparks some outrage by some and there have been calls to cancel events this year and donate firework money to those who have been affected by fires.

But local fire crews and officials are confident that the event will go ahead safely. So no matter what your opinion is on this the show will go on.

The recent fires have devastated the local tourism industry in the area and perhaps this could be a way for the town to start rebuilding.

The event for some will be a reminder of the recent ongoing fires and for others, it will provide a little bit of happiness at the end of a tough year.