More than 2,000 homes confirmed destroyed in NSW Bushfires

Impact Assessment teams are continuing to work around the clock to assess the damage caused by NSW bushfires, this bushfire season has now seen more than 2,000 homes destroyed and still counting.

Insurance claims have already topped $700 million dollars and are expected to rise into the billions of dollars.

Total this fire season as at 10 January 2020

  • 2,097 Homes destroyed
  • 830 Homes damaged
  • 12,625 Homes saved
  • 216 Facilities destroyed
  • 168 Facilities damaged
  • 1,265 Facilities saved
  • 4,287 Outbuildings destroyed
  • 1,568 Outbuildings damaged
  • 10,829 Outbuildings saved

Assessments since 1 January confirm 1,163 homes destroyed, and more than 8,500 buildings saved

Cooler conditions this week is aiding firefighters to strengthen containment lines and gain the upper hand on the bushfire crisis.