The Port Stephens Examiner has been dealt another blow as regional newspapers struggle to keep their print additions alive in these trying times.

The Port Stephens council has voted to no longer advertise public notices in the Port Stephens Examiner.

Kate Washington MP for Port Stephens took to Facebook to to voice her disappointment with the decision of Port Stephens Council.

This decision will see important public information hidden on various pages of Council’s website, reducing transparency and undermining community trust.

By pulling the $$ spent on these notices, Council’s also risking the viability of our local newspaper.

It’s a low blow for The Examiner when it was the only regional non-daily newspaper to survive ACM’s recent COVID-19 stand down.

Kate Washington MP

If you are unhappy we the decision sign the email petition and let Mayor Ryan Palmer and his councillors know by signing the email petition below.

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When you sign this petition it will email Mayor Ryan Palmer and 1 councillor from each ward. You can change the default message, the more emails sent the higher probability they will reverse the decision made.