Joel says our Miners, Producers and Growers are paying the price for the Governments miss management of the Australian/China trade relations.

This comes after the Chinese state media reports that CCP has banned Australian coal exports as they continue to wage economic war on Australia.

The Morrison government has angered the CCP by calling for an investigation into the orgins of the Covid-19 virus.

This lastest ban comes a day after Australian media outlets released a leaked list of all CCP members and positions they hold in global companies that hold billions of dollars in sensitive defense contracts in Australia and the U.S., as well as companies developing coronavirus vaccines.

In recent times China has banned Timber, Beef, Wine and now Coal, dealing a devastating blow to Australian exporters.

Joel took aim at Scott Morrison on his Facebook for mis management of the Australia/China relationship.

Sadly the chickens have come home to roost and we will all share the pain inflicted by Scott Morrison’s mismanagement of our relationship with Australia’s largest trading partner.

This problem needs to be fixed but the problem is, you can’t fix a mistake until you are prepared admit you’ve made one. Unfortunately our Prime Minister seems incapable of doing so. But until he does so, the impact on our economy and jobs will grow worse. Mixing domestic politics with foreign relations is never a good idea. Scott Morrison attempted to win votes at home with reckless indifference to the likely impact on local jobs. Our coal miners , producers and growers are now all paying a price.

Joel Fitzgibbon