Infant rescued after being accidentally locked in a motor vehicle – Cessnock.

Around 7:20pm last night Cessnock District Rescue Squad responded to a house in Cessnock after an infant had accidentally been locked in a motor vehicle.

After several unsuccessful attempts to break-in into the vehicle the infant started to become distressed and the decision to break a window on the vehicle had to made.

A spring operated glass breaking device was used to crack the glass. This enables the glass to be broken in a relatively quiet manner so as to not create further distress to the casualty.

Once the window had been removed the infant was reunited with its mother who would be extremely stressed at the situation

We will always try to enter all situations, be it a building, car etc without damaging the property, but if urgency begins to creep in, then whatever action is needed to achieve the desired outcome will be used.

Cessnock District Rescue Squad