On Thursday 22/10/20 Police were called to assist teachers at Tomaree High School after a violent altercation between students.

The YP who were known to each other had argued in prior weeks and as a result an older sibling has become involved. A 14 year old student was subsequently punched a number of times to the head and stomped on whilst on the ground. The older brother of the victim of the assault has then become enraged and has made threats of violence towards the alleged offender. Teachers were forced to restrain the young person and remove him to a secure part of the school.

To ensure the safety of other students the education precinct was placed into lock down. Upon attending Police found the young person to be in an extremely heightened and emotional state. He confronted Police and was angry and aggressive.

He was arrested in relation to specific offences related to offensive behaviour on school grounds, during his arrest he violently resisted attending Police. The young person was taken to Nelson Bay Police Station and was later released being determined he was eligible to be dealt with under the Young Offenders Act.

The young person responsible for the assault on the 14 year old victim has also been interviewed. Personal violence orders were obtained and served on person involved in the incident. Port Stephens-Hunter School Liaison Police officer is supporting the staff and students at the school regarding any further issues.