Earlier this morning at approximately 4am two sets of Structual Firefighting clothing were stolen from Toukley NSW Fire and Rescue

“This equipment is contaminated with carcinogens which may cause cancer and other illnesses this is why it was bagged and ready to be sent off to be cleaned” said a spokesman from Toukley Fire and Rescue.

If you see this clothing around or know someone who may have it please contact either numbers,
Crime Stoppers – 1800 333 000
Toukley Police Station – 4390 1290

And provide them with this Event number – E283401698

You can also contact us via Facebook
Fire and Rescue NSW Station 470 Toukley

Stolen uniforms are often used by scamners to conn you into donating to the fire service. Remember both the NSW Rural Fire Service and NSW Fire and Rescue will never door knock for donations.