Driverless wine tours could be here sooner than you think

Traveling to the Hunter Valley for a weekend wine tour can be fun and exciting. Traveling from vineyard to vineyard tasting the very best wines Australia has to offer. But there’s just one problem many couples and group face whilst out on the vineyard trail is who is going to drive or are we going to hire a driver for the weekend which is going to be expensive and greatly reduce the amount of wine you buy.

Just imagine touring around the Hunter Valley. Stopping at as many vineyards as you like without having to worry about who is going to drive at affordable prices.

Newcastle is trailing it’s first ever driverless mini van. Which seats 11 passengers and will be conducting its first trail with commuters from December 2019.

This would be a huge win for Hunter Valley Vineyards as the biggest problem for customers is getting from point A to point B. I’d like to see vineyards investing in driverless technology which could bring huge economic benefits to the region.