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Sit down, shut up and comply, take the jab or you could be excluded from society, no job, no Centrelink benefits, no access to restaurants, government buildings or even supermarkets under a radical plan MS Berejiklian and her Government is cooking up.

Whilst this may sound like I’m an anti vaxxer I’m not and most certainly believe vaccines have saved many millions of people from a horrible disease and death.

The plan involves giving the private sector the power to refuse entry their business if you have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 using a passport system.

Earlier this week Gladys Berejiklian said that the Service NSW app could be your Covid passport and at the time said she did not want to punish those who refuse the jab.

I had my suspicions as the only reason to have a passport is to exclude those who refuse to comply.

Gladys Berejiklian would support private business from excluding those who refuse the jab in an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“Clearly, opportunities to travel overseas or opportunities to enter certain workplaces or venues might be enhanced if you have the vaccine,” Ms Berejiklian said.
“Some of those decisions could be inspired by government, (and) some of those decisions might be inspired by the organisation themselves.”

The vaccine may not be mandatory, but it most certainly will be tied to your freedom and those planning to refuse to jab better be prepared for a post Covid world.

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