has published an article yesterday about Michelle Bridges DUI saying her DUI charge has made her more relatable and playing down the whole incident as if it was a joke. The article was published on the same day the nation was waking up to news about 4 young kids who have been killed in Sydney as result of a drunk driver.

The article is one of the most disgusting articles I have read in recent times, the article is almost endorsing DUI and even suggests that Michelle Bridges marketing team should be teaming up with BWS and other liquor stores for promotion deals.

The article than goes on to say that everyone should wear a fit bit in support of Michelle Bridges it’s just appalling that such a disgraceful article was even published.

There should be a zero tolerance for drink driving and penalties must be much harsher than they currently are, I have no objection to police crushing the cars of drink drivers into cubes, than return the cube to owner so they can dispose of the cube at their own cost. I would even support a mandatory prison sentence for drink drivers.

Here’s the link if you want read the article we are referring to Michelle Bridges published by