What we know so far.

Numbers have just been updated to 20 Confirmed cases aboard the Crusie Ship, it’s unclear if any of the new cases are Australian.

  • 20 confirmed cases of Coronavirus
  • 2 Australian Among the Confirmed Cases
  • 4,000 people confined to their cabins for the next 2 weeks

10 confirmed cases of the deadly Coronavirus have been detected onboard a Cruise Ships sitting of the coast of Japan, those 10 patients including 2 Australians have been taken off the ship and isolated in a Japanese Hospital. All 10 patients are in a stable condition.

4,000 people on board the ship will be restricted to their cabins for the 14 days to ensure they also do not have the virus.

Over 20,000 confirmed cases of the disease have now been confirmed and the death toll is rising every day with almost 500 deaths.

There has been 13 confirmed cases in Australia and this number is likely to rise in the coming weeks.