Power transformer made contact with the ground, sparking small grass fire.

On Tuesday 21JAN2020 @ approximately 16:00hrs firefighters from Singleton Fire + Rescue station and Whittingham Rural Fire Service responded to reports of a building fire off Cemetery lane Singleton.

Upon arrival firefighters found that a fire had started after a power transformer had made contact with the ground, setting both the ground and power pole alight. Firefighters quickly got to work to contain the grass fire and waited the arrival of Energy Australia to turn off the power to the pole and transformer. Once this occurred, firefighters then started cooling the transformer on the ground with foam due to oil in the transformer and attacking the power pole fire.

Firefighters would like to remind people if they believe power lines are down or touching an object to stay at least 8m away from it and call Tripple zero and advise the operator that you believe power lines are down.

NSW Rural Fire Service – Hunter Valley