Hunter Valley Zoo Welcomes New Fur Babies

There never been a better time to visit the Hunter Valley Zoo as they welcome so many new fur babies to the zoo.

Check out the energy these baby Emu’s have

Next we have 3 baby Macaw chicks who are just 1 and half months old

Aww baby wombats are just so adorable.

Koala populations have been devastated in the recent bushfire crisis, this baby koala will play a vital role in rebuilding koala populations.

In the week between Christmas and New Years we welcomed 4 beautiful baby squirrel monkeys from our 4 females Nina, Dj, Sakani and Nahima

These babies can be spotted holding tightly onto their mums back while dad and older siblings run around and play

3 adorable fallow deer were born in our ungulate paddock recently and aren’t they just the cutest?

You will see these three running around playing together or having some time with their mums on your next visit